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Income tax / Declare your 2018's incomes now

In France, since the 1st of January 2019 income tax is now deducted from the salary each month.
However all sort of income from 2018 must be declared to the Tax Office, even if not taxed.
French tax return form or online declaration must be done to the SIP (service des Impôts des Particuliers). 


First time you declare your French tax return

Because you have not previously made a tax declaration in France, the SIP will not send a tax return form (Déclaration des revenus 2018) for your first submission.
Without a tax identification number to do your income tax declaration online, tax retrun from  must be completed and sent to 2 boulevard Magenta – Rennes before the 16th of May 2019 at Midnight.

You should contact your local tax office or download the form here.

Since January 1st 2019 it is now possible to apply for a tax identification number by sending the form 2043 RICI to the Rennes tax office to be able to declare your 2018's income online and have access to your tax account at any time (even if you left France)

In order to make your income tax return declaration online, please submit the form 2043 RICI to the address below as soon as possible in order to get a tax number shortly to make your online tax declaration.

Centre des impôts
2 boulevard Magenta
35000 Rennes. 

You have already filed a French tax declaration or are already in the system

Pre-filled form is available online on website.  
Deadline for submitting 2018 French Tax declaration online must be completed by the 28th May 2019 – Midnight

As you need some numbers that feature on your last avis d’imposition (income tax statement), you will be asked to create a password to connect on your “espace particulier

  • numéro fiscal
  • numéro d'accès en ligne 
  • revenu fiscal de référence

Income tax statement will be available  on your "espace particulier" around mid- to late-August for the amount of taxes due. 

More informations

> Check out the practical sheet “declare your income”